What I've been up to

As a quick update, here is a little snippet of my memories from the past month. I really quite enjoyed popping these snippets on my blog, I hope you enjoy them too. 

Sam x

Gibside - me and Rob exploring with our NT cards
George's - testing out their menu and blog writing! post here >>> ***
NHS - celebrating the NHS turning 70 and being nominated to win a flask off a member of staff! 
Working - this month I've been working plenty, but haven't missed the sun as the new ward I work on has their own little garden which I've managed to hide in at break time
House loving - I've been super in love with all things interior this month and spent plenty time in the kitchen on my days off and gaining more inspiration

Baking - On the ward, we have cake fridays and it was my turn. Sticky ginger cake and my trade mark Jammie Dodger cake

Rainbow Wishlist ASOS

Hello lovelies, welcome back. Behold, the good old clothes wishlist blog post. Oh, how I've missed them. Recently, I have been loving rainbow themed clothing. Perhaps this is due to Pride being celebrated this time of year all over the UK, or if it's due to Instagram fashion bloggers showing off their latest colourful purchase but I just love it. I recently bought a jumpsuit from New Look which is black with rainbow stripes and I felt amazing in it. So, without further ado, here is my ASOS rainbow wishlist. 

George's Kitchen NCL

Hello and welcome back! Long time no speak, read, you know. Recently we visited George's Kitchen in Newcastle and I just can't keep this hidden gem to myself. We've been twice before this visit when they first opened and it still is one of my favourite places to eat in Newcastle. We booked our table online (so we weren't disappointed as the wait was huge!) and as soon as we arrived, we were sat at our lovely table for two and were almost immediately asked if we required drinks and a allergy advice menu (important as Rob suffers a severe nut allergy). 

Originally, I wasn't going to do a blog post but whilst we were there, I had the urge to take some blog post photo's and do a wee review, so all images are taken on an iPhone (poor quality excuse!) 
We started with drinks, a expresso martini at 2 - 4 - 1 (bargain) and a brown ale (pronounced broon ale in Newcastle) and ordered our meal pretty much as soon as I seen calamari and scampi on the menu. We started with &#…

Fitness, why & how?

Hiya beautiful people. There's that word thats dashed all over instagram 'fitness'. We see hundreds of accounts day in, day out with beautiful 'fitness models' with all the latest gym gear and all the 'ads' and 'spons' for funky protein mixes which in fairness, tastes like crap unless mixed with milk really. We see people post videos of themselves in full makeup, doing some sort of routine in the gym with perfect hair, not breaking a sweat. Myself, like most people, will hate going to the gym in full makeup and 'perfect' hair doesn't stay too perfect after a down pour of sweat leaves hair strands clinging to your face, head and neck (very glamorous). 

I used to dabble in going to the gym every week when I was younger, mainly because I wanted something to do when there was no Eastenders on a Wednesday so to the gym for a few hours and come home and that would be me done. I also used to do netball and high jump at school and I used to go to…

THE A WORD...Mental Health Awareness Week 2018

No fancy photos. No witty opening lines. No jokey comments. Mental Health is something not to be taken lightly. We need to be more open about it. According to the World Health Organisation, there are 1 in 4 of us with Mental Health issues in the world. Thats a huge number. There's a few reasons why I wanted to write a post such as this and one of the main reasons is I suffer from Anxiety and panic attacks quite frequently and since the age of 15/16, I still have to battle with it, nearly 7 years later. I don't often tell people about it, I never know why but here I am, spreading the word. In light of Mental Health Awareness Week, I wanted to share my experience with my mental health.

I first realised I had anxiety when I was at school and I got a crap result in a mock test and I took myself to the toilet and had the worst stabbing pains in my chest, pains in my head and couldn't catch my breath. Tears filled my eyes but I didn't want to make a noise because I didn't…

What it's really like being a Nurse...

In honour of International Nurses Day, I wanted to write a post about what it's really like to be a Nurse. I've been qualified since November 2016 and prior to this, I've worked in the NHS since 2015 doing various things such as a Health and Social care course, Nursing cadets and then as a student Nurse leading to where I am now, a qualified Staff Nurse. I love my job. There is no doubt about it, I love working with patients and with other devoted staff to bring the best healthcare possible to those who are in need. I never wanted to be a Nurse, I wanted to be a paramedic originally and got told all through school to aim to be a Doctor. I never fancied being a Doctor, the main reason I didn't want too was I thought I couldn't tell someone their loved one had passed away. How little I knew, this is mainly done by Nurses now. Something I still struggle to do.

I some how ended up choosing subjects at college and school to get me into either paramedic training or nurse …

What's on my music playlist list month? ~ April edition

George Ezra - Hold My Girl
Lil Dicky - Freak Friday ft. Christ Brown
Tom Grennan - Sober
Snow Patrol - Don't give in
Jamie T - Sheila