vegan birthday cake

Hello. I started the year by going to a birthday party of one of my dear friend who's just turned 21 and as a vegan, I was asked to make her a vegan birthday cake. Never have I ever made a vegan cake but hey ho who doesn't love a challenge. So, I struggled getting vegan 'butter' so had to find plenty alternatives for the likes of eggs and butter, hard, but satisfying to say the least when I finished. 


300ml soy vanilla milk 
1tbsp lemon juice
75g apple sauce
5 tbsp maple syrup
2tsp vanilla extract
275g plain flour
175g caster sugar
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp bicarbonate soda
1/2 tsp sea salt
1 large bar of vegan 'milk' chocolate
2x punnet of mixed fresh fruit
Pre made ready to roll icing

Preheat oven to 180c / 160c fan / gas mark 4, line 2 Victoria sponge tins with greaseproof paper
Add lemon juice, maple syrup and apple sauce to soy milk and set to one side
Sieve flour, baking powder, bicarbonate of soda in mixing bowl 
Pour soy milk mixture into flour…

bathroom inspo

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Our first week with a puppy

A week ago today from when I started writing this blog post (about 3 weeks ago), Rob and I made the biggest decision we have ever made in our adult lives, besides deciding to own a home together, this was a decision we had to really think about and I couldn't be happier. We brought home our first ever puppy together. Since autumn 2018 we have seriously thought about getting a puppy together after spending the majority of 2018 searching rescue shelters and breeders for the right dog or pup, we found him. We decided on a Labrador Retriever as this was what we really wanted, a dog that would match our living style of going for long walks and having relaxing days at home or at the pub. Ever since being a little girl, I've always longed for a pet of my own and after trying to convince Rob to get a cat, a guinea pig, all sorts, we decided a dog is the best thing for us, company when our other half is working long days and another reason to get out and about. 

Story behind why we want…

30 before 30 ~ my bucket list

Visit America
Driving holiday in America (Two birds, one stone maybes?)
Get married or at least be engaged (Rob will be cringing at this, ha ha!)
Own a pet
Have our home fully decorated (ha ha, hopefully)
Become kinda fluent in another language
Visit the Harry Potter Studio again (I've already been twice but hey ho)
See one of my best friends get married ~ I love a free buffet!
Be confident in my own style
Meet Mary Berry (we can only dream can't we?)
Meet Ed Sheeran (I mean, totally 100% unrealistic but, I think I would be that cringey fan who didn't know what to say or do, but I would love to sit and have a beer with him and have a chin wag)
Watch a west end show in London again
Learn to swim confidently (yup, I'm proper afraid of deep water, pools, lakes, big ponds and the sea)
More fashion content on the blog ~ I miss it
Excel in my career (FYI, besides blogging, I'm a adult nurse)
See more gigs
Get more tattoos
Have orange hair
Have pink hair ~ again
Become fitter
Visit Iceland

woodmans arms restaurant review

photo credit : woodman arms
photo credit : spoors photography
Welcome back to the blog guys, after a long anticipated wait as to whether I got my log in back, alas, my OH is a right computer geek and fixed my little issue and after 2 whole months of not being able to write any posts, I am back. Catch up aside, I have been waiting to share my lovely experience at The Woodmans Arms restaurant and bar, which we were very kindly invited to review. As my first ever restaurant review, I was nervous, yet excited, I mean, who doesn't love going out for some tea, and after reading and hearing plenty pretty amazing reviews, I was thrilled to be there. On arrival, we were greeted by the most loveliest of front of house staff members I have ever met. Unfortunately, we did not get her name, but to the blonde woman who served us in October, thank you for making us feel so at ease and for making this night so amazing. I am sure this is a regular occurrence from how many amazing reviews these guys …

ASK ITALIAN ~ a very last minute review

Hello beautiful readers, welcome back. So, recently I have been spending more time with loved ones after a pretty naff few weeks and this week took us to ASK Italian with a few of my pals to celebrate one of my best mates birthdays. A very civilised do as she's currently 4 months pregnant so, this is a alcohol free shindig I'm afraid.
This post was not planned in the slightest, hence the poor image quality as I've took these on my iPhone. However, I could not resist shouting about this place as our meals were amazing and I really wouldn't have expected this from your kind of 'bog standard' Italians or so I thought was just a standard Italians. Firstly, stupid me thought this place was called ASK Italia at first, but ASK Italian was a go to place for us as one of my friends is vegan, and the other is a picky eater so we thought a this would be a perfect place after reading their menu online and seeing there was a separate menu for vegans as well as some more plai…