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Alreet pettles! 
Okay, so, this post is going to be a lil' wacky and weird, but who doesn't love some wacky and weird? Recently, me and my boyfriend went to the Cheese Loft Cafe in Northumberland (England) and if your a fellow cheese lover, this is like all your Christmas's rolled into one. Trust me.

Despite only going in for a cuppa (cup of English breakfast tea) and a mooch (a look around) we ended up with a fair few goodies to try out. We also purchased a raspberry and prosecco jam (I know, how yum?) and lemon curd (an all time favourite) to try with homemade scones which unfortunately we made and demolished before it even came to my attention to do a blog post. (But, they were so good!) 
One of mine and Rob's favourite things to do is try different cheese and the weirder and stronger, the better in our opinion. This little quaint coffee shop is based on top of a little dairy farm right beneath and all products produced are locally source or made on the premises. Perfe…

SPAIN 2016

Hiya Hinnies!
Travelling is something I've always been anxious of and until this year, I've never really enjoyed the idea of holidays or going away anywhere to far from home that I can't just nip back and get what I've forgotten. I don't really know why this became a fear, like, I was always scared of leave something important at home or that I'd get lost or I'd get kidnapped (yep, this really crossed my mind in strange cities). All really irrational fears that will either never happen or can be solved so simply by popping to the local shops, or just following a map or not being stupid and realising people don't want to kidnap me (even if I did get kidnapped I can guarantee they'd be so fed up of me after an hour of complaining I was hungry or just rambling on in general)...

This year, it's the first time I've been away on holiday several times and not felt so overall anxious that it's ruined the travelling aspect of the holiday. Yeah, I s…

Happy new blog day!

Photo source: instagram (thatgeordiegirlsblog)

Alreet m'lovelies!
(Hi everyone!)

Formally known as 'fashionismywarpaint' and 'fashionwarpaint' on social media, I found that as I'm getting older and becoming a 'real' adult I was getting new, more interesting loves in life such as travelling and cooking. Although I loved my old blog name and content it wasn't really me as I've grown to learn new things, I will always love fashion and will keep the fashion content, I wish to expand my content to reach a bigger, more matured audience as well as my previous audience too. 
'thatgeordiegirlsblog' doesn't really have an exciting story behind the name other than I'm from North East England and love where I come from. I've also changed my Instagram to 'thatgeordiegirlsblog' and my Twitter to 'geordiegirlblog' if you care to have a sneaky peak, or maybes a cheeky follow I'd be so happy! 
I am going to aim to try and post …