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Previous to this holiday, from September 2011 until July 2016 was the most stressful period of me life and for a short time after, whilst waiting for me results, the stress continued and ended only 2 weeks ago. Anyone studying for a degree can relate to the anxiety and insanity experienced whilst enduring gruelling hours of studying, months of poverty and years of constant worries of failure combined with the joys of passing. Not only was this me life for 5 years straight, as I was studying for a Nursing degree, we attended a health care placement 37.5 hours of the week and alike some of us, I had to have one or two part time jobs to keep me life in order. Safe to say, I was a reet miserable so


Gooood morning me lovies!

Recently, me and my other half went adventuring to Edinburgh which is sort of turning into an annual tradition for us as we've been visiting every year since we first starting going out (cue the 'awhhh's'). Unfortunately, the one time we go with a photography camera is when the weather can't decide whether it wants to snow/sleet, be beaming sunshine or absolutely tank it down (this means a lot of rain to us Northerners and I mean an awful lot of it).

Although we got a few decent shots, I couldn't really get the ideas I had in mind such as outfit and more scenery shots but I didn't want to just not post the ones we did have, so I thought I'd share these few I got with you guys!

For anyone who has never been to Edinburgh, it is one of my favourite places to visit in Scotland as


Hiya m'lovelies!
The sayin' goes, 'an apple a day, keeps the doctor away'. Sometimes, eating an apple normally, is sooo boring. So, let's spice thangs up a lil' by baking some yummy goods. Here's my recipe I use to make these amazing apple rose tarts which are super tasty and mega instagrammable (is that a real word yet?). I served this warm, with vanilla ice cream as a little Sunday treat, but I have seen people use these for pie and cake decorations which looks totally awesome.

First things first, make your pastry! See my blog post for easy peasy pastry for the pastry structure for your roses. >>> <<< HOWEVER! DO NOT BAKE THE PASTRY YET! You need your pastry base to be a dough and it will bake with your apples once the roses are formed.


Your ready made easy peasy pastry base

2 large cored apples of y…