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Slow Cooker Mediterranean Chicken & Chorizo

Welcome back! I hope you are all very, very well. I've been back in the kitchen, messing around with some Mary Berry cook books and I have to say, this is by far my favourite dish I have experimented with. For all you busy people, cooking from scratch is an absolute ball ache. It is so so time consuming and lets face it, life these days won't allow you to spend hours in the kitchen at a time to cook a decent meal.  is why I believe a slow cooker or crock pot as some call it, has to be a necessity for a modern everyday kitchen and is ideal for busy folk who still enjoy a good, wholesome meal at the end of the day. Although the ingredients tend to all merge together and taste quite similar which can be a downer, for dishes such as stews and slow cooker meat, a slow cooker or crock pot is a go to cooking method. I once made a similar recipe from a Mary Berry cook book which used more tinned tomatoes, aubergines, olive oil and involved a lot of time in the kitchen, roughly 2-3 hou…

January updates; what have I learnt from 2017 so far?

This year I promised myself I would change about a billion and one things to make my life better. Things like, starting a new diet (semi happened, I still have naughty food days more often than I probably should), adapting a new fashion style (still loving my new short blonde hair do!), fostering a new attitude towards life (work hard, play harder, that ol' saying), you know, the usual 'new year, new me' crap we all say. 

For me, the thing I've appreciated most this year following some horrible events towards to back end of 2016, is having a good support network of family, friends, work colleagues and I have made some amazing new blogger friends over the last few months who have really inspired me to work harder and enjoy life more. 

After being faced with some, lets just say, awful people last year, I am so thrilled to say I am not bothered by horrible people and that this year, I have really learnt not to let negativity annoy me. I am so glad that I have this new sense…