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dresser decor; ways to style your beauty corner

Hiya darlings! 

I am a real sucker for looking at other peoples home decor style for inspiration and using ideas with my own twist to make things pretty. I just love the recent obsession at the moment with bloggers displaying their uniqueness through coffee table decor, sideboard styles and how they style their dressers. 

   As I don't own my own coffee table or sideboard, or house for that matter (yet), I thought I'd share my dresser decor styling and how I utilise such a small area with quite a few little pieces to make a beautiful space where I love getting dressed and ready in the morning. Obviously my dresser doesn't look  like this all the time as I often end up leaving a makeup brush lying around without putting them back in the holder or a tea cup with a mouthful of cold coffee which I've left and won't put away until later that day. But, when I do have a clean dresser which is organised and neat, it makes me feel so much better when I'm doing my hair and…

brownies...WITH MAYO?!

Yup, just as the title of this blog post states, I made brownies with mayonnaise. Weight watchers participants will be familiar with these little goodies as they are the diet group's take on a 'healthy' brownie. I remember my Mam making these when she used to be on the weight watchers diet and they tasted AMAZING! However, I like my treats to be super sweet, so I've adapted my own take on their little ol' recipe  Now, although there is no butter used in this recipe which makes it semi healthy, there is a hella lot of sugar and chocolate. As the mayo is used as a substitute for the butter, it is good for a low fat option of a naughty snack. 

Happy reading, baking and eating - Love Sam


{This recipe makes roughly 10-12 brownie slices}

You will need...

140g plain milk or dark chocolate of your choice (I used Galaxy) Share bag white chocolate buttons (I used milky bar) 8 tbsp mayonaise (I used aldi's own brand in the light option) 2 tsp vanilla essence  225g …

International Woman's Day; why woman are superheroes

Happy International Woman's Day! To all my fellow ladies, this is a day to celebrate our accomplishments in the world and how much our world has changed since females became more recognised as a equal sex to males. What a day to celebrate having tits and uteruses! 

     The reason I love this global event is women worldwide have a chance to celebrate their achievements in the social, economical, cultural and political areas of our lives since the early 1900's. Since that one day in 1903 when 15,000 of us truly amazing women marched through New York to highlight and speak out about our rights in our society, women from around the world have gathered together in spirit to tell everyone, we can do this! No matter what we put our minds to, we can achieve the impossible. My favourite quote about women I have seen that I think really represents today is... 

"The woman whom I love and admire for their strength and grace did not get that way because sh*t worked out. They got that w…

February 2017; Just a lil' update

Hello lovelies!

Welcome back to the mad world that is thatgeordiegirlsblog! 

I've been hiding away for a week or two, not for any in particular just life gets in the way at times. It happens, and as my blog isn't a full time thaaang right now, I've been naughty and left it hanging whilst I organise life like a real adult (Well, trying to be an adult)!
  For me, the last few weeks have been crazy busy! Like, beyond crazy busy. Every day I've been run off my feet doing one thing to another and tonight is the first night in ages I've got home from a work course and sat on the sofa and just thought, 'you know what, I am literally going to proper chill tonight'. 
  So, I am literally sitting in the living room, watching 100% hotter (easy telly for an easy watching), with Rob's jacket on for comfort, bowl of fruit and yoghurt, looking online and I thought I'd post a little update on the blog as too why I haven't been as blog orientated lately. 

  As I have…