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Jammie Dodger cakes

Welcome back, and yes, I've been baking. Again. I can't help it. I get bored and baking is the answer. Rob's birthday was last month and I made this yummy Jammie Dodger cake alongside his beloved carrot cake he always asks for. Although the carrot cake was delish, this Jammie beauty was perfectly tasty as well as fabulously instagrammable. I've seen some cakes similar to this on Pinterest and thought I'd give it a bash and it worked rather well. So much so, I made some mini versions with the left over Dodgers and buttercream. Let's begin with the big whooper cake. I used a recipe from the wonderful Mary Berry to create a simple victoria sponge cake with a lil' twist (would it be a blog post by me if I hadn't fiddled with the recipe? Nah...) You'll find you won't require the whole pot of buttercream and jam or all the mini dodgers, which is why I have added a wee recipe below for some mini cakes for your left over treats!
Let's begin, enjoy! 


Hello beautiful people. I hope you are all having a fun start to April, I know I am. As the clocks go forward, the nights stretch longer and mornings remain bright, Spring is slowly but surely arising and I'm so excited for some sunny weather. March was a particularly hard month as I was on the transition from day shift to night shift which for anyone who shift works, ya'll understand the struggle of going from sleeping through the night to trying to sleep through the day. It's bloody hard. Despite this, there have been some exciting developments in March which is killing me not to let people know until it is finalised, but I am so excited for the end of April/May. So many blog posts to follow. A little clue is that there will be a few up cycling posts... 

March has let me experiment more with food *see my Riley's fish shack blog post* and baking (I know, more baked goods). Since it was Rob's birthday mid march (Happy Birthday again baby!) I was able to create some …


Hiya hinnies. Welcome back! I hope your all well and enjoying the Easter holidays. 
If you've been watching Channel 4 lately, you'll have either watched the TV series, 'Hidden Restaurants' with Michel Roux Jr, or you'll have at least seen it advertised (if not, 1. where have you been? 2. watch it!). Michel Roux Jr recorded a whole 1 hour episode up here in this bonny part of the world, that is the North of England, and this beautiful little hidden treasure was a main feature of this particular episode and my god, I can totally see why. How beautiful. Amazing food, great staff and a fabulous view. Serving perfectly cooked seafood is the heart and soul of the staff working in this little shack and for a tiny little restaurant, it is by far the nicest place I have ever eaten seafood. 
I've been lusting over this place for months as a place I've been dying to try and eventually, we got there. Hidden amongst the rocky edges of King Edwards Bay in North Shields, it…