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Good morning my lovely readers. How you all doing? Good I hope!

Well, happy Monday! Yes, Monday again. Some love it, others hate it. Me however, I am embracing it. To some, Mondays are so daunting as we all try and set goals, some realistic, others not and with Monday being the day most people dread in the week, we need some happy vibes to keep us going. 

So why do people dread Mondays so much? Work? Meetings? Emails? School? College? Uni? Traffic? New diet? Hangover? What ever the reason you may have, Mondays are without a shadow of a doubt the most HATED day of the week - so why do I love Mondays so much?

New Monday, new week, new goals!

The reason I love Mondays may differ from most as I love getting myself organised and getting ready for the week ahead. I love a good fresh start to the week. I'm lucky in the sense that I don't work every Monday but even so, Monday's in my job ain't too bad as I can get organised for the week. I know what I have to have achieved within …