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Dia Dhuit...or just hello if you not Irish. Welcome back, I hope you've had a good week. Ireland was our little adventure last month, Dublin to be exact and we loved it. Although you always hear people raving about Dublin, myself and Rob were a little dubious about going because everyone who has been before us who we know personally, have all been on a 'drinking holiday' there, i.e. stag do's or lads or lasses weekends away. We went for a couples weekend away and although we did start to regret it after the first day (long story, I will explain shortly), our second and third day really made our trip. 

We flew from NCL at around 08:55, I think it was, the flight was fine as flights with Ryan Air go...but we did get extra leg room which was champion to sit in for all of 35 mins (yip, that is how short our flight was, great aint it?). Funny story about our flight, Rob finished nightshift that morning and I didn't sleep too well as I have really bad travel anxiety so I …

10 things to do in Autumn

Hiya hinnies!

Welcome back. I hope your all well & enjoying your week. Now we are officially in Autumn (yeyy!) I thought I would whip together a wee post on some of the things I just adore and look forward to doing in Autumn. 

I just love feeling cosy and my favourite days are when the Autumn air is crisp and the sun is shining but it's cool enough to wrap up in a bobble hat and scarf. I just love feeling cosy. I also love when the weather is so cold on a night time and even when the weather is pretty rubbish, I look forward to movie nights in with the fire on, fluffy PJ's, woolly socks and hearing the rain or wind pounding on the windows as we watch a movie, read or even as I fall asleep. I find it soo relaxing. Another reason I favour Autumn is the excitement as we count down to Christmas. I find planning and talking about Christmas so exciting and I just cannot wait! 

Without further ado, here is my little list of things I enjoy doing in Autumn that may give you some cheek…