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Citrus Posset

Hiya hinnies. Welcome back. Shoot me down if you like but I am back with another foodie post. Winter is my favourite time of year and whats better than spending time at home and cooking? Cooking is my way of relaxing and I thoroughly enjoyed making these amazing lemony, limey, orangey possets for the first time ever.

I used to work in an Italian restaurant and that is where I first tried posset and it was dreamy. Despite this, I never attempted to make it, regardless of how easy I knew it was! My Mam however has made this many times and it always tastes amazing so as her and my Dad were coming for lunch, I gave it a whirl. I have to admit, I found a recipe off Pinterest which stated the basic ingredients (all of 3...super easy!) and added my own twist. Shock? Italian restaurants normally serve a lemon posset with a fresh raspberry component either a sauce or just the berries themselves. I, however, didn't want just a lemon posset. I wanted a citrus posset with freeze dried raspberr…

Gluten Free Scottish Style Shortbreads

Happy Monday Guys!
Welcome back to another foodie related blog post. My weekend was filled with homely vibes, continuous relaxation and some family time. It's been a while since I have a full weekend at home without anything too busy planned or without being at work at some point and obviously on Sundays, we bake. My Mam came to ours with my Dad and little brother and as my Mam has been celiac since forever, everything baking related growing up was gluten free. I think this is why I never took a fancy to baking until recently as I would always remember my Mam telling me how difficult baking with gluten free flour or other alternatives was. These days, as a new diet fad, GF alternatives have become a new 'thing' and there has been some revelations in the baking world with regards to new formulas for GF flours so baking such goods has become easier. 
For this recipe I used a recipe found off Pinterest for 'regular' Scottish Shortbreads and created my own twist (would i…