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Was 2017 a good year?

Good evening, Morning, whatever time your reading this. I hope you've had an amazing day. I thought I would use this post as a debriefing for 2017 as for me personally, it was a fairly strange year.

Now, I'm not saying 2017 was a bad year by any stretch of the imagination, but it was quite hard work at times. I wish at times that I kept  diary of what happened each day as a round up which I could look back on and remember the good times but also to be able to reflect on those bad times as well. I think sometimes being able to remember the bad and realise how things have changed for the better is a good way of realising your self worth and how far you've come since that point in your life. It also may be a hinderance as who wants to remember the bad and dig old demons up...
Additionally, I think that this year has been a bit strange for my loved ones around me as things have changed not just in my life, but massively in theirs too. You forget your friend and family are growin…


Hi everyone, welcome back.
For about 2 months, we've had 'Christmas Tree Day' *inserts Christmas tree emoji* saved in our shared calendar on our iPhones. Sounds totally insane, but it was the best day in December where we both were off work and had time to go get a real Christmas tree. We planned to get our tree, go Christmas shopping and decorate our tree all in one day. Who knew it would be so hard to find the perfect tree?

Meldon Park, Morpeth in Northumberland was Rob's choice to go pick a tree after several nights googling for the best priced, yet best quality in Northumberland at £27 for a 6ft tree thats a pretty amazing quality, we couldn't beat it. With saw in hand (given by the park keepers on site), we trotted off to find our tree. Now, although there were hundreds of trees to pick from, it was important that we found a tree full enough yet the right height and width to fit in our living room, it had to be extra special for our first tree for our first Chri…