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Sweet Mince Meat Cookies

Christmas blues have definitely kicked in, in my home and I couldn't bare the thought of half a jar of sweet mince meat going to waste in the fridge. Out came the wacky ideas, and an alternative to sweet mince pies arose after some heavy research - Sweet Mince Meat Cookies. 

Still festive, but no where near as festive as a mince pie. Am I right? As this was very much a 'throw whatever I have into a mixing bowl' kinda recipe, there is plenty room for alterations such as replacing the mince meat with currents etc. and some spices. This is definitely a recipe I will be doing again and was enjoyed by everyone. 

S x

(Makes roughly 12-14 cookies)
> 350g Mince Meat > 110g porridge oats > 1 large free range egg > 130g stork or butter (chopped and left to room temperature) > 150g plain flour  1/2 tsp baking powder > 75g light brown sugar > Pinch brown sugar for dusting > Pi…

Songs I'm currently loving (January 2018)

As part of my 'new year, new blog content' resolution, I'm planning on posting some new content to my website as I feel that last year, I never posted anything I felt overly excited about. A creative block if you will. Whilst planning this year, I'm going to post more substance about what I love, enjoy doing, listening, reading, watching etc., that hopefully can inspire others to try new things too. 

Without further ado, I thought I would share my love for music with you guys by sharing some (5) of my favourite songs at the moment. I usually mix up my usual playlist by listening to new releases as well as some oldies (I'm a sucker for Rod Stewart and a bit of Blondie). 

I don't generally listen to one particular genre of music -I listen to literally anything, I am so open minded. Very versatile indeed as you'll guess from my selection of current faveys. I hope you enjoy this post and let me know your favourites too.

S x

Catfish and the Bottlemen - Twice
Foo Figh…

New Year, New Me...

Happy New Year guys (better late than never). I hope your all well. Yes, I know the title is enough to put ANYONE off reading, but, I quite like reading other peoples new year resolutions as often ,I can be inspired by their choice in changes. I love how positive most people start the new year as everyone loves a fresh start don't they?

So, whats my new years resolutions? Lose a shit ton of weight? New style to impress others? New hair which I will probably change straiiight back to lil ol' blonde me? 

None of the above. I HATE when people feel the need to change for others. Towards the back end of last year, I started feeling very down about my clothing size (I jumped from a size 8/10 to 12/14 in about 18 months? Impressive aye?), my work/social life balance, my style as a result of my weight gain and my attitude towards life. Lil miss stress head came out in force towards the end of 2017 and looking back, stress was never needed. 

How will I change these issues? By not thinking…