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What's on my music playlist list month? ~ April edition

George Ezra - Hold My Girl
Lil Dicky - Freak Friday ft. Christ Brown
Tom Grennan - Sober
Snow Patrol - Don't give in
Jamie T - Sheila

How I keep my hair healthy and vibrant

One question I always get asked is how I keep my hair healthy, despite having silver/grey hair. I've always been quite lucky with my hair in the sense that I've almost always looked after it and it always seems healthy and never appears dead or too damaged. I did go through a spell following a bad hairdresser where my hair was frazzled at the ends following bleaching sessions every 3-4 weeks and I had VERY short hair. I'm talking shaved on one side and pixie cut short. I also had a hair burning incident with a curling iron and my hair snapping after trying to curl it post hair spraying (definitely not recommended).  

This brief spell of poorly hair made me really up my game with my hair care routine. Ever since then I have never let my hair get so damaged and my hair has never felt better. I am also a massive advocate of not using too many expensive hair products as I find I chop and change my routine with regards to brands depending on what's new and what my hair needs…