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Fitness, why & how?

Hiya beautiful people. There's that word thats dashed all over instagram 'fitness'. We see hundreds of accounts day in, day out with beautiful 'fitness models' with all the latest gym gear and all the 'ads' and 'spons' for funky protein mixes which in fairness, tastes like crap unless mixed with milk really. We see people post videos of themselves in full makeup, doing some sort of routine in the gym with perfect hair, not breaking a sweat. Myself, like most people, will hate going to the gym in full makeup and 'perfect' hair doesn't stay too perfect after a down pour of sweat leaves hair strands clinging to your face, head and neck (very glamorous). 

I used to dabble in going to the gym every week when I was younger, mainly because I wanted something to do when there was no Eastenders on a Wednesday so to the gym for a few hours and come home and that would be me done. I also used to do netball and high jump at school and I used to go to…