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International Friendship Day

*WARNING. This post may include some soppy comments, shit quality images and some personal thoughts so please be kind*

2015 ~ Gothem, NCL Me & Maddy right before I was sick all over the bar after drinking a whole bottle of rum prior to going to town and I was sick all over her poor thing (I couldn't hack that night)

2016 ~Wetherspoons Me & Amy with all our other friends having a mid week random night out in our local Spoons

2017 ~ Three Tuns Carl, his fiancĂ© Amy, Maddy, Maffhew, Rob, Toni, her Mam Helen then lil ol' me crouched down
YEY! Happy International Friendship Day! I love this day because days like this is another excuse to tell your mates how amazing they actually are without sounding totally soppy and without needed to be drunk to tell them. You know, THAT drunken conversation normally in the smoking area of a club where you and your mates have had one too many tequila shots and your all saying how amazing each other are and ponding HOW ON EARTH you are all still…


This post is one rather close to my dear heart as we celebrated my wonderful Gran and Gramps' 50th Anniversary at the dreamiest of estates known to Gateshead, Eslington Villa *Uber dreamy*. Ever since I was a little girl, I would see my Gran and Gramps almost every week and they would always be so positive about love and life and I always would think this is how I want to be as an adult. No matter if they had a little tiff or if they felt in a bad mood or under the weather, they were always so kind to each other and always smiling. Proper love. For their big day, they booked a table for all their family and closest friends at Eslington Villa in Gateshead and managed to pick one of the only days in May where the sun was shining bright, the rest of that week previous had been miserable and wet, somehow they pulled off the most perfect summer do.

Eslington Villa is a fabulous little secret in Gateshead that needs more recognition amongst the food community of the North East. We sample…

What I've been up to

As a quick update, here is a little snippet of my memories from the past month. I really quite enjoyed popping these snippets on my blog, I hope you enjoy them too. 

Sam x

Gibside - me and Rob exploring with our NT cards
George's - testing out their menu and blog writing! post here >>> ***
NHS - celebrating the NHS turning 70 and being nominated to win a flask off a member of staff! 
Working - this month I've been working plenty, but haven't missed the sun as the new ward I work on has their own little garden which I've managed to hide in at break time
House loving - I've been super in love with all things interior this month and spent plenty time in the kitchen on my days off and gaining more inspiration

Baking - On the ward, we have cake fridays and it was my turn. Sticky ginger cake and my trade mark Jammie Dodger cake