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Chilli is a big hit in our household as both myself and Mr Spoors adore anything with a hot kick from spicy chicken wings, boiling curry to a simple hot tortilla chip dip.  I love anything that leaves a hot trail of destruction, watering eyes and a runny nose. Hotter the better. I am such a big fan of a hot chilli sauce as there is so much variation on the market today and the beauty of a chilli sauce is you can add as much or as little as possible to your dish and you have a creation as spicy or as little spiced as you desire. I often make dishes for myself and Rob and he often adds additional spice to his own, so using chilli sauces can create a dish perfect for the pair of us. 
When Screaming Chimp asked if I would like to review their sauces, I was thrilled. I heard plenty good reviews about the range they offer and as their sauces are nut free ~ bonus!~ it was uber dreamy to say bloody hell yeah I'll review them! From slightly smokey aromas to boiling hot mouth tingles, the ra…


Cake is something I just adore making when I have a day off work or blogging. There are so many ways you can enhance flavours, decorate and you can guarantee everyone will want a bit. For my other half's brother's girlfriend's birthday (gosh that was a mouthful!) I ventured out of my comfort zone of butter icing and used chocolate and fruit for a little twist on a traditional Victoria sponge cake. 

4 large free range eggs 1 tsp baking powder 1 splash of vanilla extract 225g self raising flour 225g caster sugar 225g butter at room temperature plus extra for greasing 2-3 tbsp strawberry or raspberry jam
300g white cooking chocolate  Pink food gel 1 punnet strawberries 1 punnet raspberries 1 punnet blueberries Edible multicoloured sprinkles Icing sugar for dusting Edible glitter spray in silver

Preheat your oven to 180c 
Cut greaseproof paper to match the size of baking tins (you will need x2 baking tins to create a sandwich cake) and further grease the greaseproof paper with…