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Hola and welcome back. Recently as you can possibly tell from my instagram (@thatgeordiegirlsblog) myself and Rob (@spoorsphotography) have been on an adventure to the sunny realms of Spain and thoroughly enjoyed some 'us' time away from work and from home. Although I have a few blog posts lined up from our time away, I thought I would share some snippets of our holiday, mostly photos took from my iPhone as I love seeing other people's holiday snaps so I wanted to share our experience. Alas, here is some snippets. Adios!


Cooking is by far one of the big loves of my life. When I was younger, I really wanted to be a chef but when reality hit and I worked out how much money and time it took to become what I wanted to be, those dreams sharply left. Quite sad really, but something I have always been so enthusiastic about and I bloody love eating! Cooking in the kitchen is my down time and helps me unwind. However, having a busy life where some days I'm out the house for 15 hours straight can be tiring and cooking can become difficult and time consuming. So all hail the slow cooker and recipes that can be cooked slowly throughout a busy day.
One dish I always experiment with is chilli as you can add as little or as much spice as you like. I love adding different flavours from punchy tomatoes to vibrantly bitter chocolate powders (sounds weird but tastes amazing)!

This time, we experimented with Screaming Chimp's 'Chimpotle' chilli sauce. I say we because my other half actually made the dish, b…